It's the #Stoptober kick-off on Tokeeen!

[1st october 2018]: Thank you for joigning the challenge! Here are some tips to help you to do your daily follow-up in good conditions:

  • I login using my email/password 💻 (or with my Facebook or Google account).
  • I access my main habit list clicking in the top-left corner counter. 🔢
  • I click on the check green icon ✅ if I managed to handle it today.
  • Otherwise I click on the red icon ❌ (fail).
  • I add notes 💬 from my calendar 🗓 clicking on the name of my habit.
  • I write the number of smoked cigarets accordingly. 🚬

     For more details, please check out or "Stoptober tutorial". Now it's up to you to connect every day to see your calendar filled with green boxes. ✅ Monday you will receive your very first report with the statistics 📈 of this first week. Hoping that you could do it and you're received 7/7 from monday to sunday! Good luck!

Do my follow up   Do my follow up

⚠ PS: To receive the weekly report, be sure to have check the "Receive the weekly report?" checkbox on your profile edition page.

Join the %year% "stoptober" challenge on %app_name%.

Regards, the Tokeeen team.