Join the Tokeeen BETA test!

What is Tokeeen?

Tokeeen helps you to improve your daily routine with the following features:

  • Follow your habits (your online bullet journal)
  • Manage your to-do lists (And get things done!)

Tokeeen is actually in BETA test. That's mean that it is at is very early stage of development. We are searching users how could help us to test and improve our services.

The BETA test

We are expecting from our beta users the following things:

  • Log in every day during at least a month and follow at least one of your habit.
  • Test the to-do lists with custom categories.
  • Report bugs by email or on Github
  • And eventually, send us an email about what you liked, disliked and what you would want to be modified or improved.

That's all! Of course the more habit you will follow the better it will be!


If those expectations are met, you will get a life time free premium account. (100 max)

Ready? Join us and be part of the Tokeeen story!

Join the BETA test