About the GDPR law

The GDPR law is now officially effective since the 25th of May 2018

The GDPR is now officially effective since the 25th of May 2018. The safety and protection of your personal information are very important on Tokeeen. Your habits are indeed personal details that must be well protected. We invite you to have a look at our GDPR guide so as to understand how we apply this law on our website as regards the respect of your privacy.

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1 » Forget me

You can delete your account on Tokeeen, the link is available on your dashboard page or at the bottom of the profile edit page.

When using this feature, all of your data will be deleted: your habits, your categories, your to-dos and all the related information. Once done, no trace of your account will remain on the main database and the data won’t be able to be recovered anymore. This also cancels the newsletter subscription. If you still want to receive the newsletter, you will have to register and opt-in again.

2 » Notify 3rd parties for erasure

There are no 3rd parties involved in Tokeeen. So once your account is deleted, you are opt-out from everything even the newsletter subscription as stated in 1).

Also note that there is no partner opt-in. This means that you won't receive emails from us (ads) or linked to us.

3 » Restrict processing

"Restrict processing" implies that you should be able to restrict access to your data even from our administrators. So, when activating this option, your profile will disappear from all the users list in our administration panels.

Note that if you choose this option, we won't be able to provide you with assistance should a problem occur with your account.

4 » “Export data” and “See my data”

This feature will allow you to export all your habits in a CSV or Excel file. This is not done yet on Tokeeen but it's one of our priorities.

5 » “Allow users to edit their profile”

This means that you should be able to modify your information. Right now, you can edit the following:

  • Email
  • Username
  • Language
  • Time zone
  • Receive the daily reminder opt-in
  • Receive the weekly report opt-in
  • Receive the Tokeeen newsletter opt-in
  • Restrict data processing option

6 » Conditions for consent

One of the main aspects of the GDPR law is that it's now mandatory to ask users for their consent to be subscribed to a service, whichever this may be. By default, services can't no longer be automatically included with a subscription. But the user must give his consent for each of the services he wants and agrees on using. On Tokeeen, we have four distinct consents corresponding to different services:

  • The newsletter subscription (email)
  • Receive the daily reminder (email)
  • Receive the weekly report (email)
  • Participate to the monthly step challenge (display of personal data)

For each of these services, a checkbox allows you to activate or deactivate them anytime you want. For the three first services, you will find them on the register form but also on the edit profile form. For the last one, it is activated as soon as you mark one of your habit as being a "Step" habit. In this case, just above the save button, a text explains the consent implied in this choice of habit. In this case, the consent consists in allowing us to display your monthly steps number on the leader board, as well as your username. Note that this page is not public but only available to you and the other challenge participants.

PS: It may be obvious, but for the email related services, the sent emails all include a "unsubscribe me from this" link. (which is clearly visible)

This post will be modified each time a feature regarding the GDPR law is developed or modified. Last modification on 2018-09-06.

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