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About the GDPR law

Posted on 2018-05-25 by Loïc

The GDPR is now officially effective since the 25th of May 2018. Let's have a look at its different aspects and their impact on your use of Tokeeen.

Tags: GDPR law data security privacy 

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Keeping New Year’s resolutions 💪

Posted on 2017-12-16 by Laurie

Each new year, many people try to set new resolutions. The idea is good, it encourages renewal, to better oneself and to go further in one’s life. Obviously, you don’t need to wait for the 1st of January to do that, on the contrary, it’s the regular reaffirmation of such resolutions or objectives that allows their accomplishment little by little. There are lots of techniques that can help you to improve yourself and (finally) keep your good resolutions. This article summarizes essential key points and shows you how to use Tokeeen as a complementary tool to stack the odds on your side, so that the new year will be the right one for you, you will finally be quitting the bad habits and sticking to the good ones!

Tags: habits resoluions new year 

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