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We will share some of our experiences we had when developing Tokeeen. Thus we will mainly talk about PHP, the Symfony open-source framework, The LAMP stack, devops, cache, webperfs, Javascript, Web applications and Web development in general. We will focus on less known functionalities and see how to develop while respecting the best practices. Some of the snippets will be available on Github.

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In this post will see how to extend a native Symfony constraint in order to add some custom validation rules. We will see a concrete example with the Email constraint on which we will add a new rule that prevents an email without domain extension to pass the validation.

Time to integrate into your project: 10 minutes

Extending of a Symfony constraint in order to add your own validation rules

Components used:

  • Symfony 4.2
Symfony  Symfony4  validation  email  form 

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In this post will see a very simple way to create a secured phpinfo() page using the EasyAdminBundle bundle.

Time to integrate into your project: 10 minutes

How to create a secured phpinfo page with Symfony and the EasyAdminBundle?

Components used:

  • Symfony 3.4
  • EasyAdminBundle 1.17
Symfony  Symfony3  bundle  admin  EasyAdminBundle  security 

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